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Providing safety to visitors to Cottesloe beach is the prime business of our club. Cottesloe SLSC members patrol the beach every weekend from October to March and all public holidays during this period, including Christmas Day. Every club member, who is a Bronze Medallion holder must ensure they attend all of their rostered patrols which equates to 30-35 hours. Patrols are a serious component of the club and patrolling members must be vigilant in order to protect the safety of all members of the public within our patrol area.

Patrol list

Patrol list: The patrolling season starts in October for the 2016-2017 season and goes through to the end of March March. The 2016/2017 Patrol Calendar is now available here. If you are unsure what patrol you are on, please check the rosters in the Courtyard. If your name is not mentioned, please contact the patrol officer –

Patrol Captain role


The club has put together a booklet including information and a checklist on a patrol captain’s responsibilities, the different signals as well as advice on how to find a substitute what to do in an emergency situation on the beach. Click here to read the patrol captain guide.

Patrol members stand out by wearing the distinctive red and yellow patrol uniform which consists of red shorts, yellow shirt, red and yellow stripe hat and a red cap. The uniforms are supplied to you by the club.

Patrolling life savers should be neat in appearance, act responsibly and always be courteous in manner so as to present the best possible image to the community.

At a rostered patrol, your duties will involve:

  • Observing swimmers
  • Attending to any minor first aid cases
  • Radio operations
  • Performing any rescues as directed by the Beach Manager or Patrol Captain.

All patrols are done voluntarily. It is a great way to give back to your community.

Lifesaving online

If you want to compete you will have to ensure you complete the minimum number of patrol hours. You can check your hours on Lifesaving online.

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