Life Saving

The core of the club’s existence lies in the provision of basic life saving skills.

The life saving focuses on:

• Providing quality education and training in numerous qualifications

• Having dedicated and proficient weekend/public holiday patrols

• Providing basic first aid to injured members of the public

• Providing water safety and performing rescues with our experienced IRB operators

Club members need to have their Surf Life Saving (SLS) Bronze Medallion or Surf Rescue Certificate to be able to compete for the club and perform surf patrols. New members are encouraged to become qualified lifesavers by completing their SLS Bronze Medallion. Younger members first complete their Surf Rescue Certificate before going on to the SLS Bronze Medallion, which requires people to be at least 15 years of age.

Parents of our Junior Activity members are encouraged to become members of the club and join in by assisting with activities. The club must comply with safety standards when it comes to adult/child ratios. We are required to have a sufficient number of parents qualified with at least a current Surf Rescue Certificate or SLS Bronze Medallion. Qualified parents can assist by providing water safety when children are participating in water based activities or for supervision on the beach during nipper’s activities. Further information about all qualifications and the training schedule is available on our education section of the website.

Click here to view information about our education courses.