Club Competition

Club competition is the introduction to competitive pursuits in Surf Lifesaving.  At Cottesloe, club competition is focused on Sunday mornings. A series of board, ski and swimming events are contested every Sunday morning during the season, commencing at 08:30am.  The Club Swim is held at 10:30am and is raced over varying distances.  All events are handicapped to ensure a level playing field.  The club’s competition calendar culminates with the Club Championships, held in February each year.

The Stubby Stakes will continue on Friday nights commencing at 6:00pm in the grassed courtyard of the club. It is open to all members and friends of members over 12 years of age. The handicap race consists of a 200m run, 200m swim and a 200m run.  It’s all about having fun on the beach, being active and enjoying Cottesloe beach this summer.

The Club also supports a range of events over the course of the season.  The Cottesloe Mile is one of the more popular events, attracting many entrants and forming a key date on the club calendar.

The Club holds an annual Trophy Night to recognise its Club Champions and points score winners over the course of the season (accumulated from the weekly Sunday morning competition). This event concludes Club competition for the year. It will be held in early April this year – we will be confirming the dates nearer the time.

Before competing, senior competitors need to ensure that they are financial and have completed the required number of patrol hours to be able to compete in Club Championships.  Active members are required to complete 16 hours of rostered patrol time in the current season (penalty patrol hours do not count towards competition pre-requisites in accordance with SLSA rules).